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Buyer Protection Overview

What is Buyer Protection?

It is our policy to protect legitimate and law-abiding buyers’ interests and therefore, we encourage our buyers to shop at our website with full confidence. Buyer Protection is nothing but a set of resolution that you may take as guarantees from our end.

Buyers are protected in the following cases:

  • The item you ordered did not arrive within the time promised by the seller.
  • The received item does not match the one you have ordered.
  • You have received a fake item, which was assured to be genuine.

Who is eligible for Buyer Protection?

Buyer’s Protection covers only those buyers who have purchased legitimately from EclipseExpress. But that does not cover you or protect you if you have made any dealings directly with the seller, outside the framework of our website.

Current accepted payments on EclipseExpress include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bank transfer

When EclipseExpress Buyer Protection does not takes care of me?

The following cases are not covered by Buyer Protection:

  • False credit card charges.
  • Orders or payments that have been made outside of EclipseExpress.
  • Claims of undelivered items, which is in contrast to the shipping company’s records.
  • Claims regarding the deviation of the delivered item from the item ordered, if the seller can prove that you are wrong.
  • Described items that are delivered but are no longer required by you. But “Extra Returns” offered by seller will let us take you under the Buyer’s Protection.

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